Monthly Archives: October 2011

New Mail List for Designers and Programmers Now on Home Page!

Well its been a couple weeks since my last post, but its time to let all the designers and programmers out there know that we now have a mailing list on our site that you can sign up for. As clients come in we will be using these 2 lists to email everyone that is on them to get pricing and time frames of the project. If you are a right fit for the job it will be yours.

In the link on the home page you will find 2 lists:

1. Designers- if you are good @ web design, then sign up for this list for any clients work we may have that requires just static website builds.

2. Programmers- if your an experienced coder, signup here for any client work we may have for you that includes any dynamic website builds.

Also if you are new to us, please look at out careers section at the bottom of our site and send us an updated resume so we know what your capabilities are.

Until We Talk Again,


Free Webmail Now Live!!!!

Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian Clients!!!!

You will now notice on our site we have free webmail available to all users. We are adding things daily to our site to keep the experience for you, our customer, more enjoyable!

Until we talk again,

Darcy Tkach-CEO