3 thoughts on “FreeBSD 10 Ports and pkg2ng, how to deal with binaries and ports collection at same time

  1. Good post, and I totally agree, even though I tend to instal everything from ports anyway!

    Instead of using the lock method, how about if pkg upgrade first checks to see if an option file for a port exists, and if so, calls portupgrade (or whatever) instead.

    I’m not familiar with portupgrade, but I’d guess you’d call it as required, set to ignore dependencies – letting pkg deal with that and then recall portupgrade as and when necessary.

  2. I agree that would be a better solution. When we run “pkg version -v”, it is actually checking against ports as well for any later versions. “pkg upgrade” will actually inform you about changed options if package is not locked, would be great if this check left the port alone completely 🙂

  3. I would like to say, it is nice to not have to wait as long for upgrades if they compile ports with default options every week, people with a lot of servers will like this. Hardcore people with just a few servers, will prefer ports I am sure 🙂

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