Long Live the King

What a wonderful coronation today for King Charles. All the energy in the crowd, the bishop placing the crown, the son kneeling and kissing his father, the gold carriage, and last but not least the jets with the beautiful red, white and blue display in the skies while the King and Queen stood over the balcony. A definite moment for the history books, an almost replica to Queen Elizabeth’s proceedings in the 50s.

The energy in the crowd was amazing, millions of people walking from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace, Canadians there wearing Canada on their shirts, caps or waving flags. RCMP on horses there showing the pride and heritage of Canada. All the Americans there standing in awe at the beautiful ceremony, and of course all the Britain’s there showing their allegiance to the King.

I am always one that looks at the future, where I am going, not where I or others have been. However when you experience such a beautiful display, I am reminded of what Tim McGraw says in one of his songs, “When you get to where you’re going, help the next one in line”. So even though we may be coming to a time of interplanetary exploration, it’s always important to look back and reflect and respect. Let’s hope our corrupt leaders of this world do not start WW3 and set us back decades, let’s stay bright and hope our real leaders will come and stand up when they are most needed.

Dear King:

With the world in chaos, government communications broken down, USA weaponizing the dollar, Russia attacking out its borders in response to USA building NATO on its border and even biological weapons in Ukraine on its borders, USA preparing for WW3 once China attacks Taiwan, Russia not taking Ukraine in response to preparing to battle the USA, and a possible WW3 coming with nuclear power and AI drones, we pray for your wisdom.

With the world approaching being a space faring species, WW3 would set humanity back decades and is not fair to the younger generations that will suffer as a result, for this we pray for your wisdom.

With the world leaving a mess for the younger generations with CBDC currencies leaving no anonymity or privacy for them, facial recognition and AI leaving them again with no privacy, again we pray for your wisdom.

With the world on the brink of nuclear warfare, that will destroy land for generations to come, we pray for your wisdom.

With the world with a large gap between older generations and younger generations on what idealism and the future should be, we pray for your wisdom.

To your beautiful coronation ceremony today I dedicate this song to you:

King Charles when I was young, maybe about 9 years old, one of the most beautiful displays on humanity I ever saw and was proud to be born into this world was a day in the 80s when many singers came together to sing, “We are the world”, by USA For Africa. I think it’s a really heartfelt song that all generations should never forget:

I pray we can again can show the younger generations our hearts….

Long live the King,

SunSaturn(may we leave the world to our kids as we would want it left to us)