Why unix can be better than a girlfriend

1) I can put things into the system without giving it an emotional connection first.
2) I can clone a system, cloning a girlfriend would require twice the emotional support.
3) When I spend time with unix, it does not get jealous.
4) When having an all nighter with unix I do not have to supply it alcohol and intellectual conversation.
5) If I hang out with other friends like linux and freebsd, I do not have to tell them where I am going.
6) When something is not supported, I can install support, and not pay child support.
7) When creating children in unix, you can get rid of them before they get into trouble.
8) You can assign a parent to any children you have made and continue on with your day.
9) Unix accepts alimony payments in blocks of time upgrading software.
10) WHen your time in life is done with unix, it doesn’t require splitting up all your assets.

Some unix fun for those of us who have had to spend alot of time with it.